CSK Creative Agency is a group of expert videographers with over a decade of professional experience shooting corporate video. We only shoot corporate, commercial and editorial video, sorry no weddings, bar mitzvahs or parties.

Videographers CSK Creative on set with Masters Champion Jordan Spieth

Experience means something when it comes to creating high-end, polished marketing videos that your company will be proud of. We’ve seen many inexperienced videographers over the years ruin shoots because they didn’t charge batteries or lose footage or many other things that our years of experience and professionalism ensures won’t happen.

We also take extra steps to ensure your production will be a success. For example, we always travel with three cameras and generally shoot with two so there’s always a backup. Same goes for audio. We shoot with two cameras to ensure you get the highest quality final product. Why two cameras? Because in an interview setting you can switch from one angle to the next when the subject uses filler words or goes off script. The viewer never knows there was an edit. Also, two angles keeps things more interesting in the final edit and ensures the talent needs to do as few of takes as possible. Here’s an example of a two camera shoot with motion on one of the cameras:

Another thing that sets us apart from most videographers is our custom work at a value price. Typically when you get anything customized it costs more, but for us, we’ve built efficiencies into our process to keep the price down. The result is work tailored to your specific brand and job for a price the competition can’t touch. Many videographers will also use templates, which can take away from the video’s look if you’re not careful. And anyway, if you don’t need to use templates because you have a videographer willing to customize work within your budget, why use templates?

Skip the amateurs, we are professional videographers.

This business is all about educating clients to make an informed decision.  We invite you check out our video production guide to see what services videographers should be providing to your video. If your videographer isn’t able to accommodate, it may be time to start looking for a new one.

Also, please check out our video production process page if you would like to understand the three main steps a videographer should be taking to make your commercial video production a success.

To see an overview of our work, please check out our demo reel below.

And finally, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below if you have any questions or if you would like a free quote.

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