Video Production in South Florida

Trying to find a video production company in South Florida? CSK Creative Agency is a full-service video production and marketing company.  Our goal always is integrity and quality with every approach.  Furthermore, we are capable of handling your project with the highest level of professionalism.

Video Production in South Florida

We have worked in the Sunshine State for over a decade.  Yet, this is about as long as digital video has been around.  Either way, we like to think of this state as our playground, and we are fortunate to capture it’s beauty.  We have plenty of experience in creating professional videos.  Hence, we develop a concrete plan for how to disperse the content and a hook to reel in the viewer.

Our agency has covered West Palm Beach to Miami to the Florida Keys and all along the corridor.  We have worked on just about every project imaginable in Florida, because we are a full-service video production company.  Therefore, we have high grade equipment from jibs to audio to drones to stabilizers and lighting and so much more.  As a result, whatever your project calls for, we have it.

Videographer South Florida
Best-Selling author James Patterson welcomes Craig Kotilinek and the CSK Creative team to his home for a video production.

At the end of the video shoot, we can guide your production through to completion with editing software and post-production capabilities.  You and your clients are sure to be amazed.  In addition, our agency stays up to date on the latest cutting edge technology, equipment and software.  With platforms ever evolving, we want to offer all of our clients the best options for the ultimate results.


If you have a question or inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.  We would love to connect with you!