Professional Video Editing

Professional video editing is our specialty.

CSK Creative has spent many years honing our editing skills on professional and less-than-professional footage. We can now take your amateur footage and bring it to near-professional levels with our bag of tricks, including video stabilization of shaky footage, sharpening of soft footage and professional audio engineering of amateur footage.

Professional Video Editing
A professional video editing setup with dual monitors and the latest non-linear editing software

We can work with clients in other states or countries because we ship hard drives back and forth or screen share our editing. This process creates real-time feedback as if you were in the editing bay with us.



Below is an example of a recent client’s footage that they shot in-house and hired CSK Creative to edit. The footage was pretty decent, but it was shot by an employee and the main problem it had was a constant shake that distracted from the subject’s message, so we brought the footage to the next level with stabilization, color correction, audio engineering and sharpening.

Check out this before and after example of what you can do with amateur footage and professional video editing.

If you’re in need of Professional Video Editing, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below. Let us help polish your project to best communicate your message.

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