Orlando Video Production

CSK Creative is an artist-owned agency located right here in Orlando, FL with the capability of handling your Orlando Video Production at the highest level. With home offices in Winter Park, we’re a full-service advertising agency able to cover the entire central Florida area and much more.

Despite Florida’s temperament, Orlando¬†Video Production is our passion.

Florida videography in general has its own unique set of challenges that have to be learned through time and experience. From summer afternoon showers that will absolutely rain your shoot out to humidity-fogged lenses to experience-based location scouting, there’s a reason CSK Creative is your hometown videographer.

Orlando Video Production
Underwater shooting at Devil’s Den in Florida for JVC’s Everio camera release.

A great example is our campaign with JVC consumer division to release its¬†new Everio camera. They wanted to show off the camera’s waterproof functionality in a unique location, so we used a lesser-known cave called Devils Den, which was the perfect awe-inspiring location to set an inspirational tone to the video. See the full JVC Everio Camera story here.

We use professional-level equipment and we have a laundry list of gear ready and waiting to make your Orlando Video Production a success. We have lighting, jibs, stabilizers, motion time lapse equipment, and drones, so no matter how big or small your job is we can make it happen, oftentimes without any additional rental fees. That’s right, in many cases our competition will charge you extra for gear that we already own, which means you’re paying less with CSK Creative.

On top of our technical expertise we put service at a premium, which means your Orlando Video Production isn’t complete until you’re satisfied. Even after that we continue where most videographers quit. CSK Creative helps you strategize a marketing campaign and distribution channels so your video gets views. We have spent years establishing distribution best practices to make sure our clients get the most for their money.

If you would like a quote on how we can help take your message to the public in a unique and inspiring way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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