Messing with a Check Scammer

The check scammer’s original check. Looks pretty legit. I don’t see any red flags here at all.

I got booked for a wedding video by what almost immediately sounded like a scammer. They wanted to send more than my original request for a deposit (very generous!) and they wanted me to pay for some subcontractors out of the original amount. The person’s dad tragically died that very day so they wanted me to just handle out. Sounds legit. The check looked great too. A “void” watermark and an address of “Sample Company at 100 Somewhere Rd. in Nowhere, CA.”

We’re clearly dealing with criminal masterminds here.

So I originally sent them a link to the exact same scam they were trying to pull and told them to go pound sand because it was wasting my time, but then after I talked to the Orlando Police and gave them the check and the scammer still persisted I figured I would mess with them a bit. The check was with the Orlando Police the entire time this conversation was happening.¬†Also, for context the scammer had several times asked me something and then immediately followed up with “???” and “Are you there?” Like ten seconds after the original question. Enjoy!

Messing with a Check Scammer


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