Leningrad Kolshik Action Sequence in Reverse

Leningrad Kolshik
A ringmaster gets shot into his three-ring circus as his monkey opens the valve on a compressed cylinder.

This is cool! It’s an action sequence played back entirely in slow motion, and entirely in reverse. It doesn’t sound like that big of a deal but it takes something we see all the time and gives it way more attention by giving it a new twist. You’re sitting there trying to figure out what is going to happen that caused what just happened. It’s strange but awesome.

The creativity the director leant to this short film for the band Leningrad’s song Kolshik is exactly what the doctor ordered for multiple viewings, which is what the director was hoping for. Why more views? More views translate into more money. It’s not enough to simply make a solid video these days, it also has to be interesting enough to get huge amounts of eyes on it, which means it needs to stand out. How did the director accomplish that? Taking a normal action sequence and putting it in reverse. Brilliant.

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By:  Craig Kotilinek

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