Have Grip Truck – Will Travel

fully stocked grip truck for any size video production

Grip Truck (noun) = traveling studio with all equipment housed on wheels for ease and convenience of making video magic.


Whatever size scale production your film project calls for, we have you covered.

CSK Creative Agency partners with our grip truck guru extraordinaire, Shawn Patterson. The truck is perfect for many of our small- to large-scale video productions across the state and beyond.

⊕  What does this mean?  We can utilize all the equipment and absolute essentials generally found within a studio session. Therefore, we are able to travel to your location of choice and bring the “studio” to you if your shoot desires this.  As a result, our grip truck services are well stocked and extremely organized to intercept any technical problems.

What’s inside the grip truck?

With a laundry list of inventory, this beauty carries everything from a jib, light kits, grips, c-stands, flags, apple boxes, sandbags, reflectors, extension cords, tool kit and much more.  We are happy to accommodate any add-ons as needed.  We have it all!

How much will this cost me?

Honestly, more affordable than you would think!  Depending on the scale of the shoot, we will work with your budget.  What matters most?  We capture the perfect shot and create some major magic for your content requirements.

Where do you travel to?

Anywhere we are asked!  We work the entire state of Florida and are happy to road trip out of state.


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