Golf Digest 2013 British Open Stumper Video

By:  Craig Kotilinek

In honour of the British Open (see that superfluous “u” in the spelling of honor? We’re paying homage to Britain in this article by using British phrasing and spelling whenever possible), Golf Digest contacted CSK Creative to produce, shoot and edit a video that aims to find out how much the average American golfer knows about the British Open (or the Open Championship, as it’s properly called).

I went to one of my favorite courses, Winter Park Country Club, to gather a bunch of golfers and get as strong a poll as possible on British Open knowledge. Of all the polls we’ve done on Majors, this project was by far the most difficult to get participants. Americans in general don’t seem to watch the British Open nearly as much as the US Open or the Masters, so finding willing participants was tough.

The other difficult part was finding willing participants who had wrong answers. Plenty of golfers knew a lot about the British Open, but this was supposed to be a comedy video, and Golf Digest decided to go with exclusively wrong answers on this one, so a correct response did me no good. I had to have bad answers, and the more colourful the better.

We ended up with more than enough footage, and the edit turned out great. It actually ended up being one of the funniest Stumper videos we’ve done to date. Thanks to all who participated and Golf Digest for their constant support.