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If I’m going to be on camera, what should I wear on the day we shoot?

  • Solid colors work best, and especially earth tones. Busy patterns or stripes won’t play well with the camera’s sensor and could get a “crawling” look on the final product. When in doubt, bring multiple options.
  • Check out our video on what to wear on camera below

Can you walk me through the process of making a video?

  • Check out our Video Production Process page for an in-depth look at the production process, but essentially, we start with a pre-production meeting to determine how the project will look and feel (and most importantly, what goals it will achieve) and then move to the production (or video capturing) stage, then finally to the post-production, which consists of the editing, motion graphics and final video delivery.

What’s the benefit of making a video?

  • Search engines love videos. They will always rank higher than text. In the same way that a headline carries more weight with Google than regular text, video trumps everything else and will rank higher and get you to your desired spot more quickly.  
  • People love video. We could cite all sorts of stats here, but you know how popular video is because you love it too. As long as it’s well executed, video is a concise way to deliver large amounts of content in a professional way. You can communicate with your audience more intimately and establish more trust than with traditional means.

How can I use the video I make with CSK Creative Agency?

  • There are plenty of ways to deliver your video to your audience, but online video is probably the most popular these days. Whether you include your video in a newsletter, on a page of your site, or simply upload it to youtube or vimeo, your audience will know you better because of this new marketing tool. The same video will work for multiple mediums in most cases, so you can use it for more traditional medium of television as well. Whether you’re paying for ad time on local or national TV, or you’re just playing your video at your booth at a tradeshow, we’ve successfully done it all and can accommodate your specific situation.

What is a lower third?

  • A simple and quick explanation of this often-used industry term. 

How to Read from a Teleprompter Like a Pro!

  • It’s not the easiest, we know, but here are some tips to make your experience reading from a teleprompter much more comfortable. 

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