Boat Man WINS Award

Orlando Video Marketing

By:  Craig Kotilinek

We WON!!!!  The agency is all a buzz lately as we found out our super hero creation of Boat Man, for the US Coast Guard, took 1st place for Video PSA category at the International Boating and Water Safety Summit (IBWSS) for 2018.  We are so proud of our Orlando video marketing team!  Boat Man exists solely on the concept that everyone who participates in all water sports and boating industries should enjoy learning about the safety and techniques when out on the water.  Period!  What better and unique way to learn than to create a super hero with absolutely no power but he can tell you everything you need to know about being safe when enjoying water activities.  Yes!  Boat Man will save the day!
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Motion Backgrounds

By:  Craig Kotilinek

Motion backgrounds are becoming a growing trend for high-end websites or even templated websites that want to wow viewers with a little something extra that the competition may not have caught on to yet.

Motion backgrounds are basically video backgrounds, or a short video clip that loops seamlessly and automatically plays when a viewer clicks on a site. Some of the best motion backgrounds are seamless loops that the viewer may not even realize are looping. This might involve creating motion graphics to add effects to the video clip in order to bring the video back to the beginning of the loop without the viewer noticing. Below is an example of a seamless motion background we created that has a minuscule file size because the video clip has a lower frame rate than usual and a run time of only ten seconds.

Here’s another example of a moving background. This one uses a landscape photo and separates the layers to create a 3D effect from a flat photograph. Again, the motion background seamlessly loops back to itself.

Kauai House

Another option for a motion background is with a portrait.

Portrait of Girl

The options are fairly limitless; it just depends on what type of photo you’re starting from and the client’s needs. Contact us for a quote today.

3D Cloud Effect on Still Photos

Beach Scenes Vintage Treatment


3D Photos

By:  Craig Kotilinek

A client was looking for two distinctly different treatments on the same batch of normal 2D photos so we used motion graphics to create two different videos and the client was thrilled. The first is a more calming, 3D photo treatment that’s more time-intensive and 100 percent custom while the second is a customized template that can use photos or video and has a much more high-energy feel. Check out the video below and contact us if we can help you with this high-level, low-cost content solution.

CSK Creative’s Times Square Video

JVC Everio Camera Release Video from Craig Kotilinek on Vimeo.

Well I didn’t see this one coming, but my JVC Everio product release video made it all the way to Times Square. JVC has a digital billboard in one of the most heavily trafficked areas in the world, and the video they have up for the worldwide release of the new Everio camera was created by CSK Creative.

The video is a mix of stock footage (because it would have cost too much to fly me to all these locations to shoot these scenes) with integrated motion graphics as well as live action footage I shot on location here in central florida. The live action shots are the field, cave diving and camping parts. The final graphics shot was composited with the actual Everio camera at my studio’s green screen. I did a screen replacement in After Effects as well as matted out the bolt needed to shoot the camera turning a perfect 360-degree rotation. The graphics we used were partly recycled from the last project we did and integrated with the spinning Everio camera, and the result is a polished graphics end card that integrates seamlessly with the look and feel of the JVC Everio camera. Check out the video below for the compositing (visual effects) as well as the final video above.

By:  Craig Kotilinek