CSK Creative Demo Reel

An Orlando Video Production Company

We are CSK Creative Agency and as an Orlando video production company, a demo reel showcasing the latest greatest is a must have.  The proof is in the body of our work below, so take a look!

CSK Creative’s professional videography reel for 2018 includes multi-camera interview videos, 2D motion graphics and 3D motion graphics. We have also added jib shots, motion time lapse video, underwater videography, POV videography, and more. We are so grateful for all of our amazing clients and the creativity for which we are able to collaborate.  We look forward to working with you!

How are we different as an Orlando Video Production Company?

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Hit Fit Gym

A local gym needed a high-energy video to show off their unique workout structure but they had some production challenges that needed to be addressed:

By:  Craig Kotilinek

First off, we had to figure out the lighting. It was dark in the room. Very dark. We had to figure out a way both in camera and in post production to make the room appear brighter without introducing too much grain into the situation.

Gym promo
Dynamic text helped to tell the gym’s story even if viewers didn’t have sound enabled.

Second, we needed to get a lot of movement and energy into the shots or the final product wouldn’t really show off the gym’s energy. No problem there, we went hand held and used an eight-foot mini jib to energize the production.

And finally, they wanted to show the video on Facebook and Instagram while still delivering the message so we had to use dynamic text over the video so it would deliver the same message and impact whether the viewer had sound enabled or not.

The final product is full of energy and well-deserved testimonials for an up-and-coming gym with a unique style. Check it out below.

Jordan Spieth 90-foot Putt

Screen-Shot-2015-06-10-at-12.06.34-PM (1)

Watch the video here.

When Golf Digest called us to shoot an interview with Masters champion Jordan Spieth, we immediately complied. When they told us the original concept, we got even more excited. They planned to do a “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” video with Spieth, but alas, being the most buzz-worthy golfer on the planet at the moment, his handlers said the barely-legal-to-drink Spieth would not be participating in anything that could potentially tarnish his sterling reputation.

What did they land on? A video of Spieth making a 90-foot putt (double his longest bomb on tour at the time) in the hotel hallway. The Golf Digest team tried for an hour to no avail, so we knew we had a formidable challenge for the young ace, and if that wasn’t hard enough, they decided to hit him with a series of pop-culture questions to try to crack his now-legendary Masters Champ concentration.

With the footage Cy Cyr and I shot, Golf Digest created the Jordan Spieth 90-foot Putt video and a behind the scenes video of his cover shoot.

By:  Craig Kotilinek

Video: Neptune Skin Waterproof Smartphone Sleeve

By:  Craig Kotilinek

Neptune Skin is the world’s first waterproof smartphone sleeve that features a magnetic seal. To showcase this unique product, the company contacted CSK Creative for a product video that would demonstrate the Neptune Skin across the elements with multiple devices. On a shoot that spanned from the mountains in Colorado to the beaches in Florida, Neptune Skin was put through its paces during this all-weather production.

We worked closely with the client to create not only the long form editing, but also a brand new 3D logo intro that spiced up the 2D logo and brought it to the next level. See below for the original logo along with the 3D logo, which got animated into the video you see at the bottom of the page.

3D-Example (1)On the client’s request, we shot the majority of the video from actual smartphones, only using professional cameras for the establishing shots to show the viewer what was happening. We included multiple accessories and different talent for variety and to demonstrate all the product’s capabilities. The company has since struck a deal with Walmart to include Neptune Skin in retail and they’ve signed licensing deals with multiple sports teams to brand the waterproof pouch with your favorite team’s logo.

For sports videography, underwater videography, action sports videography and POV videography please don’t hesitate to contact CSK Creative to discuss your project today.

POV Video of Jet-powered Hydroplane Boat Racing

Oh Boy! Oberto Hydroplane boat with driver Steve David

Graham Trucking Hydroplane boat with driver Jimmy Shane

When we got to the American Power Boating Association’s (APBA) site in Detroit, Michigan, we were immediately taken by just how aggressive the hydroplane boats were. They each had a trash-can-size jet engine on the back that wound up just like a jet, and drove a $15,000 propeller that was only good for 120 hours. We were charged with mounting JVC’s second-generation Adixxion point of view (POV) cameras on these boats as they raced up to 130 miles per hour through watersports’ most aggressive turn. We only ended up losing one camera, and that was when a sheet of water came off the back of another boat and hit so violently that it knocked not only our camera off, but also the entire front wing on the boat. Needless to say, there are some serious forces at work during these races.

We used RAM mounts to go into the 1/4-20 threads of the Adixxion. We generally stuck to the muffler clamp mount on the outside of the boat, and the suction cup mount or JVC’s standard VHB-tape mount for inside the cockpit.

For post production, we did a mock-3D text integrated into the live-action footage to introduce the driver and location. This doesn’t contain real 3D architecture, but it ended up being a convincing forgery after applying lights and a mock shadow/reflection in Adobe After Effects. For the aerials, we weren’t able to get up into the helicopter due to passenger restrictions, but we threw one of the cameras on the lead judge’s helmet. After sifting through literally hours of footage, we came up with about four usable clips that were each under five seconds long, and shaking like crazy. We stabilized the footage in After Effects and ended up getting some really nice stuff out of what started as almost-unusable footage. Overall, we were really happy with the way the videos turned out, and it was another case of making the most of POV footage, which is lower resolution and lower quality, but can capture some amazing angles.

By:  Craig Kotilinek

Golf Digest 2013 British Open Stumper Video

By:  Craig Kotilinek

In honour of the British Open (see that superfluous “u” in the spelling of honor? We’re paying homage to Britain in this article by using British phrasing and spelling whenever possible), Golf Digest contacted CSK Creative to produce, shoot and edit a video that aims to find out how much the average American golfer knows about the British Open (or the Open Championship, as it’s properly called).

I went to one of my favorite courses, Winter Park Country Club, to gather a bunch of golfers and get as strong a poll as possible on British Open knowledge. Of all the polls we’ve done on Majors, this project was by far the most difficult to get participants. Americans in general don’t seem to watch the British Open nearly as much as the US Open or the Masters, so finding willing participants was tough.

The other difficult part was finding willing participants who had wrong answers. Plenty of golfers knew a lot about the British Open, but this was supposed to be a comedy video, and Golf Digest decided to go with exclusively wrong answers on this one, so a correct response did me no good. I had to have bad answers, and the more colourful the better.

We ended up with more than enough footage, and the edit turned out great. It actually ended up being one of the funniest Stumper videos we’ve done to date. Thanks to all who participated and Golf Digest for their constant support.

Sans Rival Waterskis Team Video

By:  Craig Kotilinek

European waterski and apparel manufacturer Sans Rival Waterskis needed a video to introduce their all-new shape, the SR3. We wanted to make it a party atmosphere that was as much about the lifestyle of the team as it was about the ski, so we went with a handheld feel with quick cuts and lively music.

We wanted to get as much mass appeal into the action-sports-style video as possible while still introducing the new product. Let us know how we did!

The Sans Rival team consists of Martin Kolman, Claudio Köstenberger, Geena Krueger, Swoboda Matthias, Daniel Odvarko, Franz Oberleitner and Ty Oppenlander.