Jim Nantz Impressions

Masters Jim Nantz Impression
Regular golfers do their best Jim Nantz impression

Check out the video here.

Golf Digest has been using CSK Creative as a Golf Videographer to produce funny golf videos for years now.


For this shoot I camped out at several local municipal courses and got average golfers to give me their best Jim Nantz impression. Nantz is the long-time commentator of the Masters and has some…ummmm…unique catchphrases. I enlisted both strangers and friends to come help out on this one.

By:  Craig Kotilinek

Messing with a Check Scammer

The check scammer’s original check. Looks pretty legit. I don’t see any red flags here at all.

I got booked for a wedding video by what almost immediately sounded like a scammer. They wanted to send more than my original request for a deposit (very generous!) and they wanted me to pay for some subcontractors out of the original amount. The person’s dad tragically died that very day so they wanted me to just handle out. Sounds legit. The check looked great too. A “void” watermark and an address of “Sample Company at 100 Somewhere Rd. in Nowhere, CA.”

We’re clearly dealing with criminal masterminds here.
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Boat Man

Boat Man, The Hero Boating Safety Needs!


Boat Man: Pick up a Watersports Rider by boatingmag

By:  Craig Kotilinek

When the US Coast Guard needed a hero to teach people about boating safety in a unique and engaging way, they turned to CSK Creative. Only they didn’t know Boat Man existed yet. They came to us with a plea to make interesting, engaging videos that would keep people watching and learning about boating safety at the same time, so I came up with Boat Man.

Now to be completely clear, Boat Man has no real super power, he just knows a lot about boating safety. That fact is the whole premise of these videos, as the boat crew is doing something wrong and Boat Man needs to correct them. I concepted, wrote, cast, shot and edited this entire campaign and the USCG was thrilled to get engaging, humorous original content.

Of course, this whole thing wouldn’t have been a success without the amazing actors who brought the characters to life. Professional actor Janna Burgess played multiple female roles, professional wakeboarder Chad Sharpe lent his wakeboarding and acting abilities, Aaron Wendler was both Production Assistant and one of the fan favorite character actors and last but certainly not least, professional waterskier Todd Ristorcelli brought Boat Man to life as no one else could have. I should also mention that it was about 90 degrees with just as high of humidity so all the actors were troopers, but Boat Man especially deserves credit for battling the heat in his costume.

Hope you enjoy! If you’re looking for original content please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Boat Man: Seat Passengers Safely by boatingmag

Boat Man: Tubing Safety by boatingmag

Boat Man: Safety Lanyard by boatingmag

Boat Man: Pick a Line to Ride by boatingmag

Boat Man: Standup Paddleboarding by boatingmag

The Slow Walk

I’m fortunate to have some really fun clients, and the majority of my shoots are spent laughing all day and getting great video in the process. With this spirit in mind, we were wrapping a shoot and decided to make a slow walk video. Don’t know what that is? It consists of shooting the video in slow motion so even normal people look epic. Throw in some ’80s-esque electronic music, some cheesy visual effects, and BOOM! you’ve got a slow walk video. Here’s ours.

Video: Soccer Players Need to Stop Diving

We all know the infamous soccer flop. A player’s hand gets within three feet of someone’s face and they freak out like they’ve been tased for as long as the ref is willing to watch. I think it’s hilarious, but also ridiculous considering hockey players will still take the ice with broken bones and missing teeth, so I decided to make this video to shame soccer players into being more like hockey players. If you feel the same, like and share the video.

Australian Beach Land Mine PSA Video

By:  Craig Kotilinek

If you haven’t seen it by now, this new Australian PSA depicts some carefree Aussie teens ditching school and heading to the beach, only to be blown up land mines. Yep, blown up by land mines. My initial reaction to this video was one of stern WTF, and my sentiments haven’t changed.

The point of the public service announcement was to get teens to stay in school through a shock ad that got attention, and while it certainly did get attention, it didn’t solve anything. Instead, teens in Australia are most likely sitting around eating their morning Vegemite sandwiches (as opposed to their afternoon Vegemite sandwiches, which get washed down with a XXXX Bitter) after just having sheared the sheep and fed the kangaroos, when they happen to glance over at the TV and say, WTF?

The point is, this isn’t just a cultural thing that Americans or Germans or Russians wouldn’t get, because there’s nothing to be got. The PSA makes no sense. I don’t think it’s inappropriate because it’s too dark, I just think it has no bearing on kids staying in school and isn’t terribly clever. I think the boundaries of free speech should be stretched beyond their limits when it makes sense to do so, but a group of teens getting blown up for skipping school? It’s just a horrible concept that someone must have green-lighted in frustration.

This is just one videographer’s humble opinion, however, so let us know what you think after you check out the video below.

Golf Digest 2013 British Open Stumper Video


By:  Craig Kotilinek

In honour of the British Open (see that superfluous “u” in the spelling of honor? We’re paying homage to Britain in this article by using British phrasing and spelling whenever possible), Golf Digest contacted CSK Creative to produce, shoot and edit a video that aims to find out how much the average American golfer knows about the British Open (or the Open Championship, as it’s properly called).

I went to one of my favorite courses, Winter Park Country Club, to gather a bunch of golfers and get as strong a poll as possible on British Open knowledge. Of all the polls we’ve done on Majors, this project was by far the most difficult to get participants. Americans in general don’t seem to watch the British Open nearly as much as the US Open or the Masters, so finding willing participants was tough.

The other difficult part was finding willing participants who had wrong answers. Plenty of golfers knew a lot about the British Open, but this was supposed to be a comedy video, and Golf Digest decided to go with exclusively wrong answers on this one, so a correct response did me no good. I had to have bad answers, and the more colourful the better.

We ended up with more than enough footage, and the edit turned out great. It actually ended up being one of the funniest Stumper videos we’ve done to date. Thanks to all who participated and Golf Digest for their constant support.