Jordan Spieth 90-foot Putt

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Watch the video here.

When Golf Digest called us to shoot an interview with Masters champion Jordan Spieth, we immediately complied. When they told us the original concept, we got even more excited. They planned to do a “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” video with Spieth, but alas, being the most buzz-worthy golfer on the planet at the moment, his handlers said the barely-legal-to-drink Spieth would not be participating in anything that could potentially tarnish his sterling reputation.

What did they land on? A video of Spieth making a 90-foot putt (double his longest bomb on tour at the time) in the hotel hallway. The Golf Digest team tried for an hour to no avail, so we knew we had a formidable challenge for the young ace, and if that wasn’t hard enough, they decided to hit him with a series of pop-culture questions to try to crack his now-legendary Masters Champ concentration.

With the footage Cy Cyr and I shot, Golf Digest created the Jordan Spieth 90-foot Putt video and a behind the scenes video of his cover shoot.

By:  Craig Kotilinek

CSK Creative’s Times Square Video

JVC Everio Camera Release Video from Craig Kotilinek on Vimeo.

Well I didn’t see this one coming, but my JVC Everio product release video made it all the way to Times Square. JVC has a digital billboard in one of the most heavily trafficked areas in the world, and the video they have up for the worldwide release of the new Everio camera was created by CSK Creative.

The video is a mix of stock footage (because it would have cost too much to fly me to all these locations to shoot these scenes) with integrated motion graphics as well as live action footage I shot on location here in central florida. The live action shots are the field, cave diving and camping parts. The final graphics shot was composited with the actual Everio camera at my studio’s green screen. I did a screen replacement in After Effects as well as matted out the bolt needed to shoot the camera turning a perfect 360-degree rotation. The graphics we used were partly recycled from the last project we did and integrated with the spinning Everio camera, and the result is a polished graphics end card that integrates seamlessly with the look and feel of the JVC Everio camera. Check out the video below for the compositing (visual effects) as well as the final video above.

By:  Craig Kotilinek