Hole in One Interview with Best-selling Author James Patterson

By:  Craig Kotilinek

James Patterson is one of the most-published authors alive. About one in four of all hardcover novels in the suspense/thriller category were penned by Patterson, it was estimated in 2011. Author of the famous Alex Cross, Michael Bennett and Women’s Murder Club series, Patterson has written more best sellers than most authors could ever dream of. He’s been called the busiest man in publishing, so it was truly an honor that he gave Cy Cyr and I a few hours of his time to not only take his portrait, but also talk to us about his golf addiction.

Patterson has had multiple holes in one over the years, and he happened to get two in the month of June alone. Pretty remarkable for anyone, much less an amateur golfer and professional writer. Check out our quick interview in which Patterson elaborates on his recent golf exploits at Trump International Golf Club West Palm and Emerald Dunes Golf Club.

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ESPN Wide World of Sports Videography, Soccer Showcase

By:  Craig Kotilinek

Recently CSK Creative/floridavideographer.com was hired to do some videography of the New York Soccer Club to film their games at the elite Disney Showcase tournament at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida.

Having done plenty of sports videography, this was right in our wheelhouse. We’re avid soccer fans and attend plenty of the Orlando City Lions Soccer Club’s home games, but we didn’t expect a terribly high level of play from these high school students. We were wrong. Straight out of the gates these kids played with heart that was inspiring and gratifying to experience. In fact, we had to stay on mostly wide shots because the action was so quick that tight shots would send the ball out of frame in no time.

CSK Creative/floridavideographer.com was referred to the New York Soccer Club by Milton Gooding of Gooding Sports Group, who needed a Florida Videographer who had plenty of sports filming experience. Gooding Sports Group helps student/athletes who show promise make it to their perfect fit at the university level, so naturally having a video of the soccer games at the Disney Showcase made sense both to show scouts and to evaluate level of play.

At this point, plenty of scouts have shown interest in the New York Soccer Club’s players. The combination of Gooding Sports Group’s sage advice and contacts along with CSK Creative/floridavideographer.com’s expert sports filming will show coaches and scouts what these kids are made of and ultimately bring them to their perfect collegiate fit.

CSK Creative/floridavideographer.com has the capability to film any sporting event, whether it’s at ESPN Wide World of Sports or another venue. Here’s a list of sports we’ve filmed over the years:

Baseball Videography

Fastpitch Softball Videography

Lacrosse Videography

Soccer Videography

Basketball Videography

Field Hockey Videography

Martial Arts Videography

Track and Field/Cross Country Videography

Cheer and Dance Videography

Gymnastics Videography

Football Videography

Slowpitch Softball Videography

Volleyball Videography

Wakeboarding Videography

Golf Videography

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600 Yard Golf Drive!

CSK Creative Video Production Logo

I decided to make a quick Christmas card in video format for my business in 2012. CSK Creative had done quite a bit of work for Golf Digest, so it seemed fitting to make it a golf theme, and since I was heading up to Wisconsin to see my family, everything came together pretty well. The whole video was shot on the iPhone 4s, with post production graphics done in Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro. I used a pole saw on a cordless drill and a chisel to make the cup.


By:  Craig Kotilinek

Cloning Yourself in a Photo

Multiple Subjects in Same Image
Multiple Subjects in Same Image
A tutorial about how to Photoshop yourself into an image, click the image to enlarge

Yes, it was a bit of a slow day. I didn’t have a lot of other work to do, so I decided it was time to make a bit of a marketing piece for CSK Creative and show that I work so  hard that I’m like nine people (or something more clever to make up for my doing nothing on a slow Friday).

Anyway, here’s how it’s done. You can basically do this little trick wherever you have reasonable control over the circumstances (your frame can’t move much), consistent lighting and a bunch of narcissism (you’re putting up a bunch of pictures of yourself, after all). Set up a tripod with the EXACT framing you want, then lock it off and connect a timer. You can do this with a physical shutter click, but the post production gets exponentially more difficult with every little bit you move the camera, so I suggest using something like the Vello Shutterboss timer I used.

Next, take a bunch of photos of yourself doing jackassy stuff (it’s a word, don’t think about it). Make sure you’re within the frame.

Tutorial on Cloning Yourself in a Photo
Clone Yourself in a Photo using Photoshop, a tripod and a timer

After you’ve got a suitable amount of frames, bring them into adobe photoshop and pick one as your base photo.  This photo will be the background that everything else will be on, so keep it locked. Next, copy each one of your frames and paste them into the background as a new layer and start erasing everything that’s not the thing you want to clone in the photo. Keep doing this until you have a fair forgery, then color correct each layer and flatten and you’re done!

This was sort of a fast tutorial, so if you need more info, contact me and I’ll walk you through it more step-by-step like.

By:  Craig Kotilinek