Public Service Announcement Video

Operation Dry Water
We used a jib to create more dynamic movement and maximize the effect of the law enforcement vehicles.

By:  Craig Kotilinek

Operation Dry Water is an action by law enforcement across the country to bust drunk boaters. The operation is year-round and puts enormous amounts of law enforcement officers on duty arresting impaired boaters. CSK Creative shot and edited this PSA in Kentucky, and fun fact, it’s actually me getting the cuffs slapped on me in the thumbnail of the video. Good times. Here’s the video.

Law enforcement brought out a half dozen vehicles—boats and otherwise—to really make an impression for the last shot, so we brought out our handy eight-foot mini jib and did a crane move up for maximum effect. Under high-pressure situations like this, where everything has to be right, CSK Creative shines. We bring multiple cameras in case something happens to one of them and we need to switch over to a backup, which does happen.

If your videographer is only bringing one camera to a shoot it might be time to start asking yourself what would happen if you took all the time and money to set up your shoot and his or her camera breaks. Pretty scary thought when you only have once chance to get the shot.

Leningrad Kolshik Action Sequence in Reverse

Leningrad Kolshik
A ringmaster gets shot into his three-ring circus as his monkey opens the valve on a compressed cylinder.

This is cool! It’s an action sequence played back entirely in slow motion, and entirely in reverse. It doesn’t sound like that big of a deal but it takes something we see all the time and gives it way more attention by giving it a new twist. You’re sitting there trying to figure out what is going to happen that caused what just happened. It’s strange but awesome.

The creativity the director leant to this short film for the band Leningrad’s song Kolshik is exactly what the doctor ordered for multiple viewings, which is what the director was hoping for. Why more views? More views translate into more money. It’s not enough to simply make a solid video these days, it also has to be interesting enough to get huge amounts of eyes on it, which means it needs to stand out. How did the director accomplish that? Taking a normal action sequence and putting it in reverse. Brilliant.

If you need a creative eye on your next video project, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help.

By:  Craig Kotilinek

HP Printers

HP Printers invented the new standard for 3D printing and CSK Creative handled the worldwide announcement at the Rapid 3D printing event in Orlando.

By:  Craig Kotilinek

HP is a big, demanding corporate video client so we had all hands on deck to create an all-encompassing presence at the show and on the internet. We had a live editor taking care of pushing out real-time videos while multiple videographers and photographers ran back and forth shooting all day long.

The result was a whole library of content that got edited and delivered from the day of all the way through to months afterward to keep customers informed on this complex and exciting new innovation. The videos above are just a fraction of the total video delivered. No job is too big or small for us. If you need creative services please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Hit Fit Gym

A local gym needed a high-energy video to show off their unique workout structure but they had some production challenges that needed to be addressed:

By:  Craig Kotilinek

First off, we had to figure out the lighting. It was dark in the room. Very dark. We had to figure out a way both in camera and in post production to make the room appear brighter without introducing too much grain into the situation.

Gym promo
Dynamic text helped to tell the gym’s story even if viewers didn’t have sound enabled.

Second, we needed to get a lot of movement and energy into the shots or the final product wouldn’t really show off the gym’s energy. No problem there, we went hand held and used an eight-foot mini jib to energize the production.

And finally, they wanted to show the video on Facebook and Instagram while still delivering the message so we had to use dynamic text over the video so it would deliver the same message and impact whether the viewer had sound enabled or not.

The final product is full of energy and well-deserved testimonials for an up-and-coming gym with a unique style. Check it out below.

Boat Man

Boat Man, The Hero Boating Safety Needs!


Boat Man: Pick up a Watersports Rider by boatingmag

By:  Craig Kotilinek

When the US Coast Guard needed a hero to teach people about boating safety in a unique and engaging way, they turned to CSK Creative. Only they didn’t know Boat Man existed yet. They came to us with a plea to make interesting, engaging videos that would keep people watching and learning about boating safety at the same time, so I came up with Boat Man.

Now to be completely clear, Boat Man has no real super power, he just knows a lot about boating safety. That fact is the whole premise of these videos, as the boat crew is doing something wrong and Boat Man needs to correct them. I concepted, wrote, cast, shot and edited this entire campaign and the USCG was thrilled to get engaging, humorous original content.

Of course, this whole thing wouldn’t have been a success without the amazing actors who brought the characters to life. Professional actor Janna Burgess played multiple female roles, professional wakeboarder Chad Sharpe lent his wakeboarding and acting abilities, Aaron Wendler was both Production Assistant and one of the fan favorite character actors and last but certainly not least, professional waterskier Todd Ristorcelli brought Boat Man to life as no one else could have. I should also mention that it was about 90 degrees with just as high of humidity so all the actors were troopers, but Boat Man especially deserves credit for battling the heat in his costume.

Hope you enjoy! If you’re looking for original content please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Boat Man: Seat Passengers Safely by boatingmag

Boat Man: Tubing Safety by boatingmag

Boat Man: Safety Lanyard by boatingmag

Boat Man: Pick a Line to Ride by boatingmag

Boat Man: Standup Paddleboarding by boatingmag

Motion Backgrounds

By:  Craig Kotilinek

Motion backgrounds are becoming a growing trend for high-end websites or even templated websites that want to wow viewers with a little something extra that the competition may not have caught on to yet.

Motion backgrounds are basically video backgrounds, or a short video clip that loops seamlessly and automatically plays when a viewer clicks on a site. Some of the best motion backgrounds are seamless loops that the viewer may not even realize are looping. This might involve creating motion graphics to add effects to the video clip in order to bring the video back to the beginning of the loop without the viewer noticing. Below is an example of a seamless motion background we created that has a minuscule file size because the video clip has a lower frame rate than usual and a run time of only ten seconds.

Here’s another example of a moving background. This one uses a landscape photo and separates the layers to create a 3D effect from a flat photograph. Again, the motion background seamlessly loops back to itself.

Kauai House

Another option for a motion background is with a portrait.

Portrait of Girl

The options are fairly limitless; it just depends on what type of photo you’re starting from and the client’s needs. Contact us for a quote today.

3D Cloud Effect on Still Photos

Beach Scenes Vintage Treatment


Social Media Video

By:  Craig Kotilinek

The University of New England wanted a social media video created for its Masters of Social Work program so they contacted CSK Creative to bring out two separate feels from the same library of content.

The first social media video needed to be actual interview footage with some integrated text that would engage viewers even if they didn’t have sound on. The second video had interviews with more content but less integrated text callouts. The marketing video team is currently testing each video to see which is the most engaging.

The balance between creating short videos and providing enough content to be useful is especially important in social media videos and CSK Creative can help toe the line in a single video or create two separate videos to engage two separate types of viewers. Contact us for a quote or to discuss more about your social media video needs today.

Here’s the first, shorter social media video with integrated text

Here’s the second, longer social media video with more content