The Three Main Steps of Video Production

At CSK Creative, we’re not just another commodity-based videography company, we consult with people and businesses about how we can achieve their goals from the first second of the relationship, and then we help them realize those goals through the effective tool that is film making. We offer so much more than the bargain shops because of our top-of-the-line equipment, timely delivery, creative solutions, problem solving and most importantly, experience. Think of us as your video consultant, not just another price shop videography company trying to fit your business into a template. We also recognize that many of our clients are extremely busy, so we streamline our processes in order to be as unobtrusive as possible during all phases of the video production. We can seamlessly integrate into your existing creative team and closely work together on the video’s graphics and overall feel.

Step 1: The All-important Pre-production Meeting
We always start with the end in mind. You set out to make a video with concrete goals, so we need to reaffirm those goals and help you achieve them. Whether your video investment has an end goal of increasing web traffic, a new product video, a viral video production, establishing dialog with your demographic or anything else, it’s important to have a videographer who can help you realize those goals. If your videographer isn’t asking you about your video’s end goals right away, it’s a clear indication of a problem. It’s during this meeting (but after establishing your video’s goals) that we talk about locations, talent for the video, graphics integration, lighting setup, audio setup, final delivery format and much more. It’s crucial to be fully prepared before ever picking up a camera.

Step 2: Video Capturing
By now, we’ve established the video’s parameters so well that the actual time capturing is stress free. If representatives from your organization will be on camera, we coach them through the process. A lot of people get stressed at the mere thought of being in front of a camera, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We provide a teleprompter (when necessary) if the video is based on a script, and you can have as many takes as you need to deliver your content exactly the way you want. Not many of the people in CSK Creative’s video library were professionals—and many were even going on camera for the very first time—but they come out looking like polished veterans. After the principal videography, we shoot some B roll (ancillary video to establish the scene or product, illustrate points and cover cuts) and we’re out of your hair. Our clients have universally described the process as painless.

Step 3: Post Production
Now that we have the raw footage captured, you send us any extra media (photos, video, logos, etc.) you might have and we integrate it into the first cut of the video. We then send you the video for approval or changes. Two rounds of client-specified revisions are included in the price, but big changes usually aren’t necessary because we’ve established your vision for the look and feel of the project from early on. After you’re happy with the product, the final video is delivered to you in the format of your choosing and you have a new marketing tool unlike anything else in your arsenal.

If you would like to know more about the equipment used to make videos as well as the extras CSK Creative provides that separate us from our competitors, we invite you to check out our free Online Video Production Guide here.

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