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University of Florida Urban Planning Online Degree Interviews with Faculty

CSK Creative recently got the opportunity to conduct video interviews with the faculty at the University of Florida’s Urban Planning department about their new online masters degree.

UF is a legacy school with a rich on-campus heritage (Go Gators!), but something people may not know is that they have a cutting edge online learning program that may be even better than the on-campus experience for specific types of students.

CSK Creative recorded interviews videos of faculty talking about the online urban planning degree, and then produced 19 total faculty videos to help students learn more about the program and decide if it’s right for them.

Below is one of the videos with Kristin Larsen, PhD, AICP, the program director and professor of Urban and Regional Planning. We used a two-camera, high-definition setup (one of which has motion for a more dynamic feel and something to use for cuts when we wanted to omit information), pro audio with a lavalier mic, and lighting with a massive soft box to get a soft, consistent light that would take care of some of the shadows on the subject’s faces without setting the architecture drawings on fire.