Florida Boat Videographer

Florida Boat Videographer

Among the many things we’ve shot video of over the years, boats might just top the list. Our Owner/Operator Craig Kotilinek was the Inboard Boat Editor for Wakeboarding and Waterski Magazine for years and shot, reviewed and surfed just about every new boat for five years.

We know how it’s done and we have all the equipment necessary for a pro-level shoot.

Gyro-stabilized, full-frame HD video cameras with a dedicated photo boat make us true Florida Boat Videographers. Check out our reel below, which is just a small example of our video and post production work. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or to get a free quote for your next job.

Our dedicated photo boat with custom tower

No Florida Boat Videographer would be complete without a dedicated photo boat.

Orlando Boat Videographer Photo Boat