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CSK Creative’s professional videography reel, including multicamera interview videos, 2D motion graphics, 3D motion graphics, jib shots, motion time lapse video, underwater videography, POV videography, and more. For more of our work, visit the videos page, and please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote today.

4 Tips For Filming in Remote Places

The following is a guest article from Katie Conlon of Pro Am USA.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere naturally beautiful, or if you’re able to travel far and often, you probably want to be able to capture those pristine settings and use them in your projects. Shooting video in remote areas is difficult and dangerous, but the allure is undeniable, and the payoff is –almost– always worth it. Here are a few tips that will help you adventure filmmakers shoot with more confidence and create higher quality art, in those hard to access, unbelievable, remote places.
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Jim Nantz Impressions

Masters Jim Nantz Impression
Regular golfers do their best Jim Nantz impression

Check out the video here.

Golf Digest has been using CSK Creative as a Golf Videographer to produce funny golf videos for years now.


For this shoot I camped out at several local municipal courses and got average golfers to give me their best Jim Nantz impression. Nantz is the long-time commentator of the Masters and has some…ummmm…unique catchphrases. I enlisted both strangers and friends to come help out on this one.

Florida Boat Videographer

Florida Boat Videographer

Among the many things we’ve shot video of over the years, boats might just top the list. Our Owner/Operator Craig Kotilinek was the Inboard Boat Editor for Wakeboarding and Waterski Magazine for years and shot, reviewed and surfed just about every new boat for five years.

We know how it’s done and we have all the equipment necessary for a pro-level shoot.

Gyro-stabilized, full-frame HD video cameras with a dedicated photo boat make us true Florida Boat Videographers. Check out our reel below, which is just a small example of our video and post production work. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or to get a free quote for your next job.

Our dedicated photo boat with custom tower

No Florida Boat Videographer would be complete without a dedicated photo boat.

Orlando Boat Videographer Photo Boat

Messing with a Check Scammer

The check scammer’s original check. Looks pretty legit. I don’t see any red flags here at all.

I got booked for a wedding video by what almost immediately sounded like a scammer. They wanted to send more than my original request for a deposit (very generous!) and they wanted me to pay for some subcontractors out of the original amount. The person’s dad tragically died that very day so they wanted me to just handle out. Sounds legit. The check looked great too. A “void” watermark and an address of “Sample Company at 100 Somewhere Rd. in Nowhere, CA.”

We’re clearly dealing with criminal masterminds here.
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Public Service Announcement Video

Operation Dry Water
We used a jib to create more dynamic movement and maximize the effect of the law enforcement vehicles.

Operation Dry Water is an action by law enforcement across the country to bust drunk boaters. The operation is year-round and puts enormous amounts of law enforcement officers on duty arresting impaired boaters. CSK Creative shot and edited this PSA in Kentucky, and fun fact, it’s actually me getting the cuffs slapped on me in the thumbnail of the video. Good times. Here’s the video.

Law enforcement brought out a half dozen vehicles—boats and otherwise—to really make an impression for the last shot, so we brought out our handy eight-foot mini jib and did a crane move up for maximum effect. Under high-pressure situations like this, where everything has to be right, CSK Creative shines. We bring multiple cameras in case something happens to one of them and we need to switch over to a backup, which does happen.

If your videographer is only bringing one camera to a shoot it might be time to start asking yourself what would happen if you took all the time and money to set up your shoot and his or her camera breaks. Pretty scary thought when you only have once chance to get the shot.